Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
BSc (Med), MBBS (Hons), MS, FRACS

Associate Professor Anand Deva is a cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has been in practice since 2000.

Associate Professor Deva has led the world in breast implant safety and has published landmark papers linking infection around breast implants to high rates of re-operation and the development of contracture (hardening and pain around implants). More recently, his work has pointed to the possible link between breast implant infection and a rare tumour, breast implant related anapaestic large cell lymphoma. His 14 Point Safety Plan has been taught to surgeons all around the world to reduce the risk of infection and improve outcomes following breast augmentation.

As a patient of ONE, you will benefit from dedicated access to Professor Deva’s experience and the 14 Point Safety Plan – which is currently the best standard of care available globally for patients undergoing breast implant surgery.

Click here to read more about his research and the 14 Point Safety Plan .

Associate Professor Deva graduated from the University of Sydney in 1991 and was awarded first class honours and the University Medal in Medicine. He obtained his Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) in 2000. He has received numerous awards and prizes that recognise his contribution to research and teaching.

In addition to his training in Australia, Associate Professor Deva has spent time at both Harvard and New York Universities furthering both clinical and research interests.

He has been the driving force behind integrated care in Australia since 2014 and sits on the board of the Integrated Specialist Healthcare Education and Research Foundation. He is committed to making healthcare in Australia affordable and accessible to everyday Australians through working in the notfor
profit sector. Read more about his innovative work here.